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Nov. 18

Epic, epic trip.  Second day at SKL was best fishing day of my life.  12/15 on 120+lb tarpon in the AM.   Exhausted but feeling like heroes over lunch, we proceeded to go 3/18 in the afternoon.    Hooking almost 40 tarpon in 36 hours is a surreal event and an experience that was not lost of both of us.

FAD trip was exceptional in a different way this time, mostly due to James, Berto and David.   They are such a special and talented bunch.  Watching them work the cockpit was amazing as they shifted effortlessly from ballyhoo to live baits over and over again.  Drove through hoards of tuna on the way out.   Blues were less frequent and smaller, stripes & sharks were new to the FADs.  Could not keep the mahi off our baits which (although not the goal) kept the action constant for our three days. 

Regardless, boat, food, crew and experience were nothing less than expected.  Accomodations, transfer and planes were all on time, easy and comfortable.  I trust my fishing experiences to no one else in this world.

Thank you, friend.


Oct. 22

Hey George fishing was awesome , Captain James knows what he is doing and his mates were great. We are deciding on dates to book our next trip I will be in touch .  Thanks Mark 

Oct. 12


Your team is incredible. After 12 years coming down here I have never seen a boat or captain willing to stay out late so we could land a fish. 275+ pound yellowfin... 5 hours fighting it. Another day tomorrow and we will be back with you guys soon. Told my grandfather to go with you guys instead next time. Hope Australia went well.


Aug. 21

Hi Jake,
I want to thank you so much for putting together what was the Best Fly Fishing Trip Ever for me!  Your Pacific Blue Marlin Fly Fishing School was a truly eye opening experience for me. From being picked up at the San Jose airport to the great accommodations at Los Suenos,  the great charter boat we fished from for three great days of world class blue water fly fishing, the fabulous, friendly, highly skilled boat crew and captain, to your incredibly in-depth knowledge of the fishery, gear and tactics.  I learned so much about true big game fly fishing.  Fly fishing for Pacific Blue Marlin proved to be the most challenging / demanding fly fishing I have ever experienced.  The Marlin are smashing the fly just thirty feet or less from where I was standing at the back of the boat.  The Marlin strike is the most jaw dropping experience I have ever witnessed in fly fishing.  Very exciting.  The power of these magnificent fish is really something to behold, up close and personal. In the three day trip we had 48 Blue Marlin come in to the teaser pattern.  We hooked up to  13 of those Marlin and landed and released 5 of those Marlin.  We also landed and released the one Sailfish that came around. It can be done.  You too can catch a Pacific Blue Marlin on fly and 20 lb class tippet.  I would definitely call this a trip of a life time except that now that I have done it once, I need to do it again.  Very exciting, very challenging trip. Thank you Jake.  Best fly fishing trip ever! 



CR Blue Marlin Fly Fishing School
 August 6, to 12, 2017
August, 6, 2017: Today my friend David Taylor ( owner of Alaska, "Reel Wilderness Adventures" in the Bristol Bay region) arrived here in Los Suenos Costa Rica, after a safe trip from his home in Washington state. Gary is here to catch his first Blue Marlin on Fly, on 20 pound test IGFA class tippet. David and I have been friends since the 1990's and he has been planning this trip for many years. He is a fly fisherman but has never caught a Billfish on fly.  Now I have been really sick with what started as a cold virus that turned into a sinus infection, then to a upper repertory infection and then to bronchitis. A couple days ago my blood pressure was very high and I needed rest and medical care which I received here in CR. I gave David a 4 hour course in everything I know about catching Billfish on Fly, and pre paired him for what was going to happen on his trip.

August 7, 2017, spent most of the day being treated at the medical facility then took David down to the marina, at about 3:00 PM. Captain James Smith with mates Berto and Roberto had the "Dragin Fly" running and ready to go, they headed out and I went home to bed. They ran through choppy weather and some rain, went to sleep at 8:00 pm to rest for first day of "The Costa Rica Blue Marlin Fly Fishing School".

August 8, 2017 After breakfast and coffee, the teasers were deployed at 5:15 AM, and the first Blue Marlin raised was at 6:28 am, it did not bite. After a couple of raise fish and one big fish fought for over 1 hour, then broke off, then at 8:00, a 250 + pound blue marlin pounced on my CS. pink and white tube fly, and was off to the races. David remembered his instruction and with my TFO Blue Water Heavy Duty Fly-Rod, and #9700 B Mako Fly-Reel, rigged with RIO Leviathan Fly Line, with 20 pound test IGFA class tippet, caught and released his first Blue Marlin, (first billfish) ever, it took 1 hour and five minutes. Congratulations to David and my awesome crew aboard "Dragin Fly". At 9:21 am David Taylor made a cast to another hot blue marlin, another big, (over 200 pound) marlin. This fish was tough and fought hard for close to an hour, "I wanted to quit but could not give up" "I was exhausted, every part of my body hurt" said David,  "then I remembered your instructions; take a deep breath, then loosen your grip, totally relax" with his second wind David caught and released his second Blue Marlin on fly of his lifetime! After that they raised a bunch of fish several over 400 pounds, Dave missed a few and was really tired, he asked Berto if he would catch one to help him see what was happening while the fish was hooked up. The next Blue Marlin to come up looked to be about 200 pounds, Berto made the cast and hooked this awesome fish. Twenty minutes later Berto caught and released this magnificent  Blue marlin on fly. The fish were hick but stopped biting around 3 pm, David broke off  a hot blue at 5:10 pm, then they deployed the sea anchor and celebrated catching three blue Marlin on fly on the first day out. The score after a day of "The Costa Rica Blue Marlin Fly-Fishing School" was 19 Blue Marlin raised, 8 Blue Marlin bites, with 3 Blue Marlin caught and released.

August 9, 2017: Team awoke at 5:00 am and pulled the seaanchor then while eating sausage with eggs and fresh Costa Rican coffee, the teasers were deployed. David's comment "I feel old" he said when describing this trip, raised several marlin before 7:30 but none stayed on the line. Then at 7:45 David Taylor (Fly Angler) made a good cast, then he hooked a 270 pound Blue Marlin. About 55 minutes later David caught the fourth blue marlin of the trip, "WOW" was his comment. At 8:55 am David hooked a 400 + pound blue marlin on 20 pound IGFA class tippet, that fish never stopped jumping and when it was 300 yards away the fish turned on the power and the tippet broke while the fish was in mid air, "Holy Sh**, did you see that?" "WOW"!!! The weather is beautiful and calm today, around 10:25 David hooked and fought a 300+ pound blue marlin, and within 40 minutes he wound the leader through the tip top, and caught the fifth Blue Marlin of the trip. several more raised fish then at 5:40 pm David was fighting a 400 pound Blue Marlin when the hook came out, Dave said " Enough for today, I am done". They quit fishing and deployed the sea anchor, had a great dinner and went to sleep. The score fro today was 20 Blue Marlin Raised, 5 Blue Marlin bites, 2 Blue Marlin caught and released on 20 pound IGFA class tippet, "Lots of big Marlin around!

August 10, 2017: Woke up at 5:00 am, started fishing at 5:30 am but fishing was slow, pretty choppy at the FAD. Raised a couple of marlin but they were shy and would not tease in for a bite, David said he wanted to catch his first Sailfish in fly so after a couple of hours James headed inshore to look for a sailfish for David.  At about noon, David hooked his first ever Sailfish on fly, and 20 minutes later he released that 90 pound sailfish. Now James was looking for Striped or Black Marlin for Dave, after raising a couple of finicky marlin which would not bite, they chose to try to get back to Los Suenos marina close to dark. At 6:00 the Dragin Fly arrived back at the marina at Los Suenos, I was at the dock to congratulate David and the crew for another awesome "Costa Rica Blue Marlin Fly Fishing School" . Today's score was 5 Blue Marlin and 1 Sailfish Raised, 1 Sailfish Bite, and 1 Sailfish caught and released on 20 pound test IGFA class tippet on the fly.

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